Thursday, July 7, 2016

K2 Interview Questions


Part 1 (Beginner)
When NOT to use SmartObjects?
What are the Common uses for SmartObjects?
What are the standard K2 service broker/Connectors to LOBs?

Part 1 (Intermediate)
What are Worklist Item/task statuses?

K2 Extensions/API
Part 1 (Adv)

K2 Workflows
Part 1 (Adv)
Scenarios where K2 Workflow Client API (SourceCode.Workflow.Client.dll) can be used.
Scenarios where K2 Workflow Management API is used.
Part 2 (Adv)
How do you fix the process in errors?
How do you debug the process if  the Visual studio is not installed on the K2 box?

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