Thursday, June 23, 2016

K2 Redirect Other User's Tasks Using Smartfom. No code solution!!

We have several K2 Applications. Each has application coordinator. Below are the common scenarios when Application coordinator contact technical team to redirect the task.

1. When a user is on vacation.
2. Somebody left the organization and bunch of the tasks that user has not completed

Unfortunately, to redirect the task you will need server admin rights in the workspace. Though you have process admin rights, k2 doesn't allow to browse the worklist for that process and redirect the task. I don't want to give application coordinator server admin rights and put my all processes/ configuration etc in jeopardy.

With below solution, application coordinator can redirect the multiple tasks simultaneously for the processes they have process admin access on it.

Below is step by step demo

1. Application coordinator selects the process in dropdown Select workflow. (dropdown only shows processes for which user has admin rights on process and it is configurable. You can also give access to users who don't have access to any process) it will load the grid with all the active tasks.

2. Then select the user you want to redirect the task to.

3. Select one or multiple tasks in a grid and click on redirect button.

There you go, you have redirected the tasks without having any access to K2.

If you need the solution, please add your email in comments below. I will send you the solution.


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